Classic Brown Tortoise Shell Thread Slip On Statement Hoop Earrings Half Moon Geometric

Brown Tortoise Threaders

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We are beyond excited to introduce the brown tortoise pattern! We paired these threaders with a half moon brown tortoise bead for a simple yet statement-making look! These threader earrings are essentially weightless and easy to wear everyday! They can be worn in numerous settings - work, casual weekends, brunches, showers, etc.

They just exude that classic French girl chic look! These brown tortoise earrings go great with florals and stripes for summer, but can also be worn during the fall with navy and jewel tones!

- brown tortoise resin molding in a halfmoon shape
- ultra thin gold plated thread on style backing
- for pierced ears only
- 2.2 inches long and 1.5 inches wide